A Istanbul i giovani turchi dicono NO

In Internazionale on 02/06/2013 at 07:13


di Evrim Gormus*

Protests in Istanbul started on May 27 when people aimed at protesting the demolition of Gezi Park for upcoming construction of shopping mall in the middle of Taksim Square. These protests have transformed into a mass protest against the government all over the country because of excessive police aggression and the government’s unyielding attitude.

Only a few months ago before the Gezi protests started, Taksim witnessed the two other important demonstrations: In December 2012 and April 2013, people gathered to oppose the destruction of the historic pastry shop and one of the oldest movie-theater in Istanbul respectively.  However protestors were quickly dispersed and these historical buildings started to be replaced by shopping malls immediately.

Only week ago before the Gezi events, Turkey’s capital Ankara held one of the most creative protests following the subway officials’ announcements asking passengers to stop lip kissing and “to act in accordance with moral rules.” This announcement brought a dozen of couples for having a kiss protest at local metro stations.

Only a few days ago before the Gezi demonstration, the Turkish parliament passed a bill bringing harsh restrictions on the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages with the aim of “not having a generation walking around drunk night and day.”

The Gezi Park demonstration turned into a mass protest against the government because people not sponsored by a political party or related to any ethnic or sectarian groups wanted to show their discontent while their cities ( and also  their beer times!) has been rearranged under the tear gas. It seems this time their voice is being heard.

*Evrim Gormus è una PhD candidate alla University of Washington, Seattle, ed esperta di politica ed economia turca ed egiziana. Vive attualmente a Istanbul dove ha preso parte in prima persona alle manifestazioni di questi giorni.



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